When we were visiting Lorna on Saturday she asked if we would be interested in going "on a ride" with a group from her park. Of course, the answer was yes. Lorna's son organized a ride where there were free seats in a couple of Polaris Rzrs. For once I didn't have any problems getting Ed up and going at 7:15 am (I know that's not early for most people but it is for Ed). The group met at Lorna's RV park, loaded the quads and razors, and drove about 20 miles to the start of the trail.

We drove through the town of Hope .... thought this sign was a little different than the normal "thank you for visiting sign".

The trip took us up into the hills giving us amazing views.

This group of riders likes to initiate each new rider with "eating of the cactus" ritual. First Terry burned the Cholla cactus to rid it of it's needles. (The fire doesn't actually kill the cactus as they have seen the cacti with new growth the year after it had been burned.) Then he picked a section of cactus and using a knife dug a piece out of the section.

Here I am, chewing on a piece. To me, it tasted a little bitter like really green celery plus it was a little slimy. Apparently, desert survival training teaches people how to eat Cholla cactus. Ed had to eat a piece as well.

Joyce and I scooting along in Joyce's razor.

There were 2 quads, 8 razors and 18 people in our convoy. Here we had stopped to look at the graveyard associated with one the closed mines.

We stopped at a mine where there were a number of remains of buildings. All that remained of this house were the steps and the fireplace / chimney.

Another building at the mine site.

One funky saguaro cactus.


By the end of the day we were all pretty tired. The ride had lasted a little longer than planned as Terry zigged when he should have zagged leading us into a couple of dead ends and circled us around one time. The tired and dirty group stopped at a Mexican restaurant for Taco Tuesday --- ground beef tacos were a dollar a piece. Not bad, dinner for two was only $7 plus tax and tip.

I think Ed had a great time as he is researching razors on the Internet and trying to figure out what we would need to do to enable us to take a razor on our trips.