My family met for breakfast this morning --- it was included with the room. As we were leaving the restaurant, a person we passed asked where Zaph was. Turning I recognized a woman (Deb) who lives around the corner from us. She has a little dog named Mac, who really likes Zaph. We chatted for a few minutes then went our separate ways. About 15 minutes later Ed walked over to my mother's room which was two doors down from our room. Who was standing at the door to the room between us? ... yup Deb. She was in Midland with her family attending a wedding. Turned out a number of people on the floor around us were also from Walkerton.

Have you ever wondered what happens to girl guides when they grow up? Actually, I haven't either but I did find out. There was a group of "old girl guides" from Owen Sound on a mystery tour weekend and they were having a great time.

With my sister living in Texas we don't get together very often so thought we should take a few photos.
From the left, my sister Carol, me, my mom and my brother David.

A nice lady offered to take a photo of all of us. Ed, Carol, me, Sarah in front of mom, David and Carol's husband Darryl.