Back to the Airport

September 1 to September 4

Anne and Victor invited us to spend the Labour Day weekend at their hanger at Hanover Airport. We had such a good time on the August long weekend that we decided to take them up on their offer. The excitement for the weekend was Victor putting the many layers of paint on the wings and painting the registration on the fuselage. After dinner on Sunday we inspected the plane to determine that once again Victor had done an excellent job. The wings were a bright red that match the red on the tail and nose of the plane. On Monday we drove out to Anne and Victor’s farm where they hope to start building their house next spring. Zaph loves the farm as it comes with a creek, a hill and lots of fields to run around in.

The airplane at the start of the weekend

Is this a scene from X files? No, it's just Victor getting ready to paint.

The finished paint job .... the plan just sparkled!

Anne and Victor .... where's Zaph?

Found him!

Zaph thinks "Swimming and two people to play ball with me .... I like this place!"

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