Fuzzy Tire Club

Today was not one of our best travel days. When we stopped for a break this morning I found out that I hadn’t closed the refrigerator properly — though several items were on floor only the jar of sauerkraut had broken. About 20 miles down the road from the rest stop several cars signaled us that we had a problem so we pulled over to the side of the highway. Sure enough one of the trailer tires was nearly flat, and leaking air too fast to be pumped up with the portable compressor. (Ed had checked the tires when we were at the rest stop). The highway was far too busy to change the tire on the side of the road (the trailer shook as the trucks drove by and the failing tire was on the traffic side) so we decided to drive the 2 miles to the next exit on the flat tire. Since there are two tires on each side, and one tire can take the weight for a while, we were safe enough to drive. Once we were off the highway and parked in a motel parking lot just off the next exit, Ed had another look at the tire or should I say what was left of it. The tire had completely self-destructed, so we put the spare on and hoped for the best. The remaining 3 hours of the drive were uneventful and we landed at an RV park in Memphis, two blocks from Graceland.

Now that's one fuzzy tire.

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