Birds, Birds, Birds

January 19 to January 22

It’s warmed up a little and stopped raining so we headed to Bentsen State Park for a walk and a chance to look at some birds. During one of our walks we were told about bird walks led by a park naturalist so I dragged Ed out of bed early on Sunday and Monday for the 8:15 walks. It’s always interesting to go with a knowledgeable person who not only recognizes the birds by site but also by sound. We were lucky enough to see a couple of birds who are primarily found in Mexico or south but have wandered into the Rio Grande Valley.

You can't be in the valley and not go to Nuevo Progreso. We made a trip across the border to check out the stores.

Plain Chachalaca

One of the many Javelinas

What's behind door number 1 ..... 2..... 3.... 4..... 5..... 6?

And there's 6 more doors on this side. We think it's a bunkhouse that sleeps 8 and has 2 bathrooms.

Someone's having a good time.

Entering Mexico

A display window above the shop.

Anyone need a parrot?

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