Boating on the Rio Grande

January 10 and January 11

A head cold had slowed me down for a few days but as I’m starting to feel better we headed out for a boat ride on the Rio Grande with a number of people from the RV park. The river is pretty quiet but I did spot a Kingfisher flying past the boat and the Border Patrol boats whizzed past us a few times.

The fellow in the trailer behind us is celebrating a birthday on the 14th and the woman in the trailer next to him is celebrating her birthday on the 12th so the neighbours decided to throw a surprise party for them. We had a great time a met a number of people.

The riverboat.

All aboard!!!

One of the restaurants on the side of the river that we passed.

Ok, Mexico is to the north and Texas is to the south.... wait that doesn't sound correct. But it is --- the river bends around in such a way that it puts part of Mexico north of Texas.

The birthday people ---- Harold and Rosetta

Setting up for the party.

Even the party animal was invited.

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