Citrus Fiesta

Mission Texas is home of the Texas Citrus Fiesta the last weekend of January each year. Ed and I decided to go and see the parade as it was only a couple of miles away from the RV park. The parade consisted of vehicles carrying the Citrus Fiesta Royal Court ---- each fruit gets it’s own princess, local politicians, floats from the RV parks in the area (Oleander (the RV park we’re staying at) won first prize), school marching bands and Ed’s favourite — the zero turning radius lawnmowers doing wheelies.

The RV park held a “luau” which consisted of a very good dinner and entertainment including “hula dancers”.

Two of the Citrus Fiesta Royal Court.

Nice old sports car ---- Ed thinks it's a Jaguar --- with more of the Royal Court.

Now is this a fancy golf cart or a miniature sports car?

I bet more men would do the shopping if all grocery carts looked like this.

The float from our RV park --- it won first prize!

A float in the parade.

Zaph's ready for the luau

A couple in the mood to luau.

Bob (a neighbour of ours) singing Tiny Bubbles as bubbles floated around and distracted him.

The hula dancers.

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