January 15 to January 18

Bbrrrrr.... cold and rainy for the past few days so we’ve spent a lot of time inside the trailer. A couple of our neighbours came in a watch some of of our travel slide shows and we headed over to one to watch the slides of their trip to Switzerland ... I’m ready to go there now. Zaph does manage to drag us out for walks a few times a day. I know I shouldn’t complain as a lot of places have been hit hard with extreme weather .... couldn’t believe the pictures of ice hanging off the fruit in California.

Oh, we did get out for a bit of entertainment --- "the club" hosted a fun night and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

The hunter was treed by the two furious bobcats at his feet.

Yup, that's the gentleman's belly all decorated up to be a face.

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