January 2 to January 9

We changed our travel plans and instead of heading south and east we traveled south to the valley for the month of January. The two month trek home will be through west Texas and New Mexico. Using our mapping software and the internet we found a nice park in Mission, Texas that has a homey feel to it. The park doesn’t have the amenities of most of the larger parks (pool, hot tub, tennis courts, etc.) but it is full of friendly people. Ed and I are going to Spanish class and Ed spent a couple of hours helping the "computer wiz" solve peoples computer and satellite problems. We also found some time to check out a few of the local butterfly and birding spots.

There's a train track at one end of the RV park .... luckily it's not heavily used.

Zaph and I enjoying the sun.

One bird with two heads ...... a pair of egrets in an interesting pose.

A javelina

Green Jays, Altamira Oriole and a Red-winged Blackbird

Great Kiskadee

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal

A Hawk --- we think it may be a juvenile Sharp-shinned hawk

A tri-coloured heron

One of your worst nightmares when driving a trailer is putting the trailer wheels into a ditch. This RVer cut the corner a little tight and dropped the trailer wheels into the culvert. Eventually they were able to jack the trailer up and get railway ties under the wheels so he could drive out of the ditch. Luckily his trailer only suffered minor damage.

As the Rio Grande twists around southern Texas it creates some interesting parkland. We're looking across the river into Mexico.

A father and son enjoying the sunny day by the river.

The Anzalduas Dam

A couple of fisherman in front of the dam.

The Lomita Chapel has been in this location since 1899

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