Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is the official name of what we know as Glacier National Park in the US and Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada. In 1932, the Rotary Club members of Montana and Alberta convinced the United States and Canada to join these two national parks as a symbol of their longtime friendship. During our visit to the area we will stay at West Glacier (obviously the west side of the park), St. Marys at the east side of Glacier and at Waterton on the Canadian and north end of the park. Currently, we are at West Glacier. One of the major attractions at Glacier is the Going-To-The-Sun-Road which goes through the middle of the park joining West Glacier and St. Marys. A winter storm washed out sections of the road causing the road to be closed. The park's people are aiming at reopening the road on July 1 so we will cross our fingers and hope. Today we explored the section of the road that is open on the west side and were rewarded with some amazing views and lots of waterfalls.

One of the many waterfalls we passed as we drove the Going-To-The-Sun-Road

As the name of the park implies there are many glaciers in the park and there is still a reasonable amount of snow. This pile of snow was beside the road and as you can see it is still over 5 feet in depth

A 1930's style tour bus drives past the "Weeping Wall".

The colours in the park are incredible --- purple rocks, blue-green water frothing white over the rapids and deep green trees

No, this isn't Zaph but a 12 year old female that looks a lot like him -- good thing Zaph has his spot on the forehead to make him unique

An interesting "burl" on an western red cedar --- I think it looks like a heart and Ed thinks it looks like a face.

A cedar forest.

Why did the moose cross the road? ..... to see how big of a traffic jam she could cause

The lobby of the Lake McDonald Lodge, one of the historical lodges in the park.

Sunset from the campground

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