Alberta Badlands

We spent the day touring around the Drumheller area enjoying the badlands. We celebrated Zaph's birthday today, so we stopped for ice cream (he shared my blizzard) and picked up a steak for Ed and Zaph to share at dinner --- pretty lucky puppy.

Zaph and I enjoying a view of Horsethief Canyon.

As you drive through this part of Alberta you see lush green fields and bright yellow fields. The yellow fields are Canola in bloom. I like the double oil connotation of this photo.

Another view of the fields. The Red Deer River is the split between the two fields.

The Bleriot Ferry --- one of only seven remaining cable ferries in Alberta. The operator must go back and forth across the river hundreds of times a day taking one or two cars at a time (the ferry can hold 15 cars).

Looking down at the Red Deer River from the Orkney viewpoint. If you looked straight down you got a great view of old appliances that had been dumped.

The Rosedale Suspension Bridge. There were no sides when the miners used it.

Looking down on the Rosedale Suspension Bridge.

These "Hoodoos" are less than 20 feet tall and are continuing to erode.

A coal saw at the Historic Atlas Coal Mine.

One of the few remaining tipples at the Historic Atlas Coal Mine.

A view of Horseshoe Canyon.

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