Back to Montana?

We started the day with a cruise down Upper Waterton Lake crossing back into Montana. The boat stops at Goat Haunt Montana dropping hikers off before returning to Waterton. The rangers get to be border guards and check passports. After returning to town we managed one hike before the heat got to us. The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out by the lake.

Everyone enjoyed the cool lake breeze as we cruised along.

The border is marked by a cut swath following the 49th parallel.

The interesting shape of this mountain was made by the passing of several glaciers.

One of our fellow passengers spotted this cute black bear on the side of the lake. The captain of the boat brought us in close to shore so we could get a good look at the bear.

A view of the lake from Goat Haunt --- that's the cruise boat tide by the dock.

From the town site there is a hike to Bertha Falls. Zaph and I admiring the view at a rest stop along the trail.

Bertha Falls.

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