The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology is a world renowned museum that hosts the world's largest collection of dinosaur fossils under one roof and since we are in Drumheller we need to visit it (actually it was one of the reasons we decided to visit Drumheller). Ed and I were impressed with the museum and exhibits. If you're into dinosaurs this is place you need to visit.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex --- I wouldn't want to meet this guy while I was out for a walk.

This is what they think a giant Beaver would have been like. Can you imagine the size of trees he could have taken down?

Luckily this mock up of the first oceans is 12 times the original size. The floor was glass so it looked like you were walking over many of the sea creatures.

Ed was fascinated by the idea that the T. Rex is related to today's chicken. The idea makes you look at chicken differently.

A pair of Dimetrodon bask in the Permian sunlight.

A Mammoth being attacked by a "cats".

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