Happy Canada Day!

It was time to move to St. Mary and the east side of Glacier National Park. Along the way we stopped at the "goat lick". This is a spot along a river that is a natural salt lick and is frequented by goats and yes we saw a number of goats there and they were licking the rock. Once we had arrived at the new campground and settled in we headed into the park. The "Going-To-The-Sun Road" did open as scheduled on July 1 though it wasn't until late afternoon --- Ed figured they had till 11:59pm.

A view of St. Mary Lake.

Paintbrush -- it comes in a variety of colours

We saw several deer as we hike a trail --- this one was walking down the trail towards us and stepped a couple of feet off the trail to go around us and then came back onto the trail. She couldn't have been more than five feet away from us.

St. Mary waterfall, the first waterfall on the hike.

Virginia Falls, the second falls on our hike. Ed and I think this was the most beautiful falls we've seen in the park so far. There is water fall from the top that goes all the way to the bottom, then there are some smaller cascading falls behind it.

The end of St. Mary Lake, Virginia Falls is a break in the trees in about the middle of the photo.

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