Heading Home

July 19 to July 21

We've started the journey east towards Ontario and home. After some debate we decided to drive highway 2 across the northern states to Michigan and will cross into Ontario at Sault Ste. Marie. We crossed into Montana at the Wildhorse border crossing where for the first time the boxes in the truck were opened and so was the cargo bay. Yeah, the fridge and freezer were also checked for beef and fruits and vegetables. The border guard got the same answer I get when he asked the question I always ask "Why so many tools? Ed's answer is "I like tools".

The first day we drove from Havre, Montana to Glasgow, Montana past lots and lots and lots of hay fields. The second day we drove from Glasgow to Minot, North Dakota and saw more hay fields though we did see a bit of "bad lands" when we crossed into North Dakota (we were about 100 kms north of the official North Dakota bad lands). When we arrived in Minot we had trouble finding a campsite --- the first two campgrounds were full and luckily the third one had 3 - 20 amp electric sites left. As it's been in the mid to high 90'sF we really wanted to be able to turn the air conditioner on so we took one of the sites (the air conditioner needs 15 amps to run). When our neighbors arrived we explained we were passing through and wondered why it was so busy in the campgrounds .... they laughed and said it was the first weekend of the state fair and we were lucky to find a campsite. Hearing about the state fair and never having been to one we decided to see if we could stay another night. We could so it was off to the fair on Saturday. The fair was pretty big .... we certainly didn't manage to see it all and it reminded us of the Toronto CNE back in the olden days (the late 60's).
Count 'em .... 12 wheels ---- OK you can only see 6 wheels but there are 6 more on the other side. That's Ed (in the cab) playing in a big boy toy.

Quilts were one of many crafts on display

Ride 'em cowboy ....interesting choice for a horse.

Give daddy a big hug. These tigers were born in captivity and have had human contact each and every day. The Marcan Tiger Preserve is located in the Panhandle in Florida. Each summer some of the Bengal Tigers go on the road to promote the preserve. To keep the tigers stimulated and thus "happy" they are trained to do certain behaviors on command.

The air conditioned arena hosted several equine events with lots of other events scheduled over the duration of the fair.

Racing pigs....

Snort rolling the barrel across the stage.

This piglet is on his way to fame and fortune .... I believe this little guy is only about 8 weeks old and he is starting to learn tricks

Nellie --- the world's smartest pig. These 3 pigs are part of Valentines Performing Pigs. Nellie has been on TV a number of times including Letterman, the Tonight Show and Animal Planet.

The midway. They had a ride I haven't seen been before ---- two people are strapped into an orb and flung into the air similar to a sling shot action. Lots of screaming and interesting words from that ride!

Sunset from the campground.

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