Live Long and Prosper

We continue our drive north and pass a town where Ed insists we stop --- any good trekie would. The town is Vulcan and no it wasn't named for Spok's home planet but for the Greek God of Fire (the town sign said Greek God but the internet says Vulcan is a Roman God). Leaving Vulcan we head back into time .... way back .... to the age of the dinosaur .... oh wait a moment we didn't go back in time we just arrived in Drumheller. The town has really taken the dinosaur theme to heart, there are models of dinosaurs throughout the town and murals of dinosaurs on a lot of the buildings.

Zaph's hoping that Scotty won't beam him up.

The tourist information center and yes they do have stars from Star Trek come to visit.

The giant dinosaur at the tourist information center.

Zaph standing in front of Drumheller's Little church. The church seats ten thousand people .... just 6 at a time. This church was first erected by a local contractor, in co-operation with the Ministerial Association in 1968 and was reconstructed by inmates of the Drumheller Institution in 1991. It was designed as a place of worship and mediation and not just a tourist attraction

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