The Mighty Mississippi

July 23 to July 24

We continue driving east and see more corn fields. About a third of the way across Minnesota we turn right and start heading south. Ed had read about Itasca State Park in Minnesota and decided that we should drive the 25 miles to visit the park. As we head south we start to see more trees and more water .... Minnesota is after all the land of a thousand lakes. Itasca is Minnesota's oldest state park --- the park totals more than 32,000 acres and includes more than 100 lakes. Itasca Lake is the source of the Mississippi River. As it is still very hot we decide to stay here for 2 nights.

Zaph is having a hard time focusing on getting his photo taken as the water is only 10 feet away.

Ed and Zaph walked across the Mississippi River. Zaph and I walked it as well!

Heartwaters - Caretaker Woman to watch over Mississippi headwaters.

The Douglas Lodge was built in 1905.

This boat will take you around the lake from the lodge to the headwaters.

The sun was starting to set and reflected nicely off the lake.

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