Rattlesnake in the Campground?

We signed up for the "Great Badlands" hike, a 3 hour guided hike in natural preserve portion of Dinosaur Provincial Park. The hike took us to some areas where we found pieces of bones lying on the ground, walked on some "jelly" mud and saw some great view. You can imagine the quantity of bones that is in the park if pieces (insignificant as they are) are left lying around (I think the paleontologists had completed their work in the areas we were). The paleontologists are interested in complete or mostly complete skeletons and in bone beds (lots of large bones found together).

This was the only climbing we did on our hike.

I find the badlands to be incredibly beautiful.

A view in the "valley of the castles". Glass Tiger shot part of a music video "Diamond Sun" here.

A hoodoo in the foreground.

This is a vertebrae that was just lying on the ground.

Those log like rocks in the middle of the photo aren't rocks .... they're petrified wood. You could see the base of the tree further up the hill.

This is the famous camel hoodoo with a pyramid in the background. We heard a lot of bad hoodoo jokes like this one "what do you call a hoodoo with a bush growing out of the top of it" --- "a hair doo"!!!!

Each evening at the park we attended "the show" at the amphitheater. The park interpreters wrote shows that related to the park and preformed them with volunteers from the audience --- they have some great imaginations. Kyle managed to find himself two great dinosaurs who got right into their roles tonight.

This rattlesnake was found outside our neighboring trailer at 10:30 pm one evening --- I wasn't impressed.

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