Hiking in the Heat

We decided to start by exploring the public section of the park, there are several hikes, a great view point and some fossil exhibits. The highs are currently in the mid 30's C so we started early planning on some siesta time in the afternoon.

The badlands

Most of the rock here is sandstone which is easily eroded but there are also layers of iron stone. Iron stone is much harder than sandstone and thus does not erode as quickly causing some of the beautiful formations.

This exhibit is found at one of the trail heads. Occasionally, bones are left in place for public viewing (the bones would be from a commonly found dinosaur). A building is erected over the bones to protect them from the elements.

The Red Deer River creates a Riparian environment. This Cottonwood Tree is over 200 years old.

The bones that are found in Dinosaur Provincial Park are taken to the Royal Tyrrell Museum for study. The information center at the park is also a Field Station for the museum. This guy is a Chasmosaurus or open lizard.

A Glyphstone. Natives are thought to have recorded information on stones though the meaning has been lost.

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