Zaph says "Best Day So Far"

Waterton National Park is quite small compared to it's American half, Glacier National Park but there is still lots to see and do. Basically there is a town site with hotels, cottages, campground, stores, marina, etc., two roads that take you further into the park and lots of hiking trails. Zaph says the best thing about the park is that dogs are allowed on the trails and in the water (there are lots of warnings about safety as dogs may attract wildlife). Today we drove out to Red Rock Canyon, toured the town site and did some short hikes. As it was very hot (mid 30's) we opted to spend some time hanging out at the lake enjoying the cool lake breeze.

Red Rock Canyon. The gray rocks in the foreground were carried here by the water.

The Prince of Wales Hotel --- another fabulous old hotel. When you walk in and look across the lobby you see an amazing view of Upper Waterton Lake.

Zaph and I are outside of the hotel enjoying the view.

Zaph saw this chocolate lab swimming and decided to join her. The water was very cold but it did stop the dogs.

There were a lot of ground squirrels in the camping area of the town site.

Deer roam freely around town. We saw a couple of fawns laying by the front door of one home, others stared at Zaph, decide he was harmless and came down to the water for a drink.

Cameron Waterfalls on the edge of the town site.

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