Monday, July 11, 2005


After an exciting visit to the local laundromat, we headed to the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum. Ed really enjoyed touring this museum. Zaph and I liked watching the float planes landing on Lake Hood. The next stop was Earthquake Park a Knik Arm lookout and a memorial to the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake that hit Anchorage and the area south of it. A lot of damage was done to Anchorage but both Valdez and Seward were wiped out. A Tsunami swept the port of Seward away and a another Tsunami topped with burning oil destroyed what was left of Valdez. Valdez was moved 4 miles when they rebuilt it. Further down the road is a second look out Point Woronzof. From here you can see the Anchorage sky line and watch airplanes land.

1944 Grumman Goose --- still fully operational

Point Woronzof --- Zaph run quick it's trying to land on you!

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