Monday, July 25, 2005

Boy Can Those Fish Jump

Zaph wanted to go to the beach across the road and again so the three of us headed across the road. Ed was thrilled to see an eagle sitting on the beach just waiting to have his picture taken and Zaph was thrilled to find a jack russell named Murphy to chase him. Zaph says wet dirty puppies are the happiest puppies. Margaret and I decided it was time to visit the shops five minutes (walking time) down the spit. There was some fantastic pieces of art — carvings, bronze sculptures, paintings, pottery, etc. The majority of the pieces were created by local artists .... if I only had room in the trailer oh and of course lots of extra cash. One of the most interesting buildings in Homer is the Salty Dawg Saloon. The building was created by splicing several old buildings together. The lighthouse tower (which is now an official marker on marine charts) was once a water tower. The main section is thought to have once been the headquarters for a coal company, another section may have been a postoffice while yet one more section is reported to have been a school house. Now I’ve been in places that have thousands of baseball caps hanging from the rafters and places that have had a number of items including bras hanging from the rafters but this is the first time I’ve seen dollar bills attached to the rafters, the walls and any other surface they can be attached to. All the bills appear to have been signed so I think the serving staff will notice if you pull a couple off the wall to help pay the tab. The owner definitely has some funds for a rainy day! The last item on today’s clip board of fun was the skyline scenic drive — I had overhead someone in one of the shops telling someone else that the scenery was amazing so I wanted to check it out. Well, they were correct — it’s the best spot to see the spit and Homer.

Ed and Colin tried fishing again today. So, Zaph and I wandered down to the fishing hole to see how many fish they had caught. In the five minutes or so that I stood there I must have seen at least 25 fish jump, some of them right by Ed and Colin’s fishing lines. I also saw a happy seal swimming inside the lagoon.... I’m sure he’s managing to catch fish.

Fishing Results: Fish 5, Colin and Ed 0 (their thinking about TNT, fishing lures aka. “CIL Warblers”)

The Puffin Bandana Gang with the bandana maker.

Eagle sitting on the sand.

Zaph and Murphy.

The Salty Dawg Saloon. Yes, those are one dollar bills!

The fishermen.

The view of the spit at about 10pm. It actually gets dark at night in Homer.

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