Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Great Clam Diggers

The low tide was quite low today so it was the time to dig clams — the campground had filled up with potential clam diggers. A couple of trailers down from us were a couple of women with a passel of kids (the oldest one was under 10, the youngest was in a back pack). Rain coats and boots were put on, pails and shovels grabbed and off they marched to the beach. On their return I was told that they had managed to dig up 3 clams — not the best haul but I bet they had fun. The beach was loaded with people digging clams.

However, the ever ready for action pair of world renown fishermen, Ed and Colin, quickly jumped into action, and acquired fishing licences then dug around in the trailers looking for tools to dig clams. With the cleaning bucket and a camping shovel in hand, and after many hours of effort they succeeded, returning with not one, not three, but at least 15 clams! In their minds a great success, given that they had to ask others how to do it. Best of all, there was worry whatsoever about exceeding the catch limit; that would have been 120 clams in total.

After lunch we decided to head for Homer the end of the road south of Anchorage. We were surprised to find that Homer had lots of room in the trailer parks (public and private) — I guess everyone was up by Soldotna and Kenai. As Ed and Colin have purchased 7 day fishing licenses we’ve decided to stay for a week — seems like a long time to stay in one spot (but it’ll be nice).

The fishermen a couple of clams.

The mountains across the bay.

The small boat harbour in Homer.

A large (probably fishing) boat. There were hundreds of sea gulls hanging around the boat and dock.

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