Saturday, July 09, 2005

Moose Dropping Festival

No, they don’t drop moose from airplanes but they do have a contest that use the moose droppings.
Ed, Zaph and I walked into town and made it in time to see the parade. The parade was very similar to Campbellville Christmas parades that we’ve attended with the exception that they didn’t have a tow truck in the parade (but they did have 3 fire trucks and an ambulance). Zaph had a great time as many people came up and petted him. One man even took his picture .... I think he was impressed by Zaph’s Canada Flag bandana (Gwen thanks again for the bandana). One woman and her son stopped and we had a long chat about dogs and life. Unfortunately, we left before the main event which was going to occur on the Sunday (the 10th) the “Mountain Mother” contest. “The stop watch begins when a Mountain Mother, wearing hip waders and carrying a backpack with a 10-pound baby doll on her back, “crosses the Susitna River” on a 20 foot log and stepping on stones while carrying two bags of groceries. Once on the “other side”, she puts down the groceries to chop wood into even quarters. She load the quarters into the wheelbarrow and dumps them out at the wood pile. She blows up a balloon, puts it on an archery target and attempts to hit the bull’s-eye at 60 feet with a 30-pound bow. Using a hammer, she pounds a nail flush into a 2X4 board. Then she casts a fishing line 100 feet, landing it between two markers and reels it back. By now, the “baby” needs changing, so she changes the baby’s diaper and washes and hangs it on the clothesline. A Mountain Mother’s chores are not complete until she prepares the traditional cherry pie. She fills a pie pan with whipped cream, places a cherry on the top and carries it to the finish line where she rings the dinner bell to stop the time clock”. Last years winner completed the course in 2 minutes and 58 seconds. ---- Do you think you could beat her?

The crowd awaits the be event

In the park they had folk music and many vendor stands

Moose Dropping!

Nothing like a nice swim after a hard day of work

Dad, could you find me a bigger stick?

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