Sunday, July 24, 2005

Russian Villages

Ed decided that he wanted to get some good pictures of the tide pool creatures and it was the last day of the extra low tide so we headed back to the Islands & Ocean Visitor Center beach. We brought Zaph with us, so Zaph and I headed out for a nice walk and Ed headed for the tide pools (we didn’t need Zaph jumping on Sea Stars!). The tide pool group was very excited when Zaph and I got back to them. They had found a tube worm (or something related) but didn’t know what it was exactly. Ed took some photos of it and copies of them to the Island & Oceans people. The Islands and Ocean Visitor Center people get very excited when something different shows up on the beach. Yesterday it was full of sea cucumbers (which it normally isn’t) and today there were no sea cucumbers but an unknown worm! The sea is very fickle. A scenic drive was the next item on today’s clipboard of fun. We drove the East End Road and had some amazing views. The road ends near a Russian village. This area of Alaska has several settlements of “Russian Old Believers”. The settlers ancestors originally settled in Woodburn Oregon after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. The first “Old Believers” in Alaska purchased land in 1967 with a grant from the Tolstoy Foundation in New York. The Russians are easily identified by their clothes — the women wear long dresses and usually have their hair covered and the men wear a traditional white shirt with embroidery around a standup collar. Ed, Zaph and I started to walk down the lane (at the end of the road) to the bay. We heard a couple of ATV’s moving quickly and heading up the lane we were walking down. We stood to the side and watched while one ATV with 4 Russian girls having a great time spend by. A second ATV with 2 Russian girls wasn’t far behind. The Russians may not have kept up with the fashion world but they certainly kept up with modern toys!

Fishing Results: Fish 4, Colin and Ed 0 (they didn’t even try today!)

Kelp Crab

Christmas Anemone

The mystery tube worm.

A bull out for a stroll, this was near the Russian village.

The laneway down to the beach at the end of the road.

One of the views along the drive.

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