Friday, July 22, 2005

Successful Clamming, Unsuccessful Fishing

Ed and Colin decided to try clamming on the beach where we are camped. After about 2 hours they came back with 20 or so clams. Zaph didn’t mind that his dad was digging out on the beach (which he would have been happy to help with) because we went across the road to the sandy beach and I let him loose. Nothing is happier than a Zaph let loose on a sandy beach — sand to skid on, water to splash through, gulls to chase. Life can’t get much better. After lunch Margaret and I headed into town to the Islands and Ocean Visitor Centre well the guys headed out fishing. When we got to the centre there was a sign that indicated a session about clams was going on in the Discovery Room. Perfect timing, Margaret would be able to identify the clams that the guys dug up. Good news and bad news.... some of the clams were Little Necks clams, very good to eat and safe and some of the clams were Butter clams, very good to eat but maybe not safe. Last year the oysters in the bay tested positive for a toxin called PSP which meant it was probably also in the clams. Little Neck clams get rid of the toxin in a couple of weeks but Butter clams can take up to 2 years to get rid of the toxin. The toxin can kill you if don’t get to a hospital and on a respirator in time. With this diagnosis even Colin readily agreed to throw the clams back into the bay — not worth the risk! Margaret and I also saw a slide show on local tide pool life. On the way back to the trailers, Margaret and I stopped at a spot that had some shops. We talked to one of the carvers there — very interesting man. He had carved a sea otter with a baby sea otter on its stomach out of one piece of wood. Another carving was based on an Eskimo legend — it was of a woman with a seal and several fish around her – Margaret really liked that one.

Fishing Results: Fish 2, Colin and Ed 0 (no fish again!).

Our view from the trailer .... I think the metal is some kinda of modern art. (It actually is easy to miss looking at the metal and see the gorgeous scenery around us).

The view from the Islands and Oceans Vistors Center. The mountains are across the bay.

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