Monday, September 26, 2005

Renewing the Search for Hot Spring

With maps in hand and much advise from Ernie we headed off in search of hot springs. The route took us through some beautiful scenery and a free ferry ride across Columbia Lake at the town of Needles (reminds me of the Peanuts cartoon). We ended up at the Halcyon Hot Springs and were a bit surprised at how full the campground was given that it was a Monday in late September — I guess it’s a popular spot. The hot springs are a set of 3 pools, 50F, 100F, and 104F. The 50F pool was for cooling down — tried it once and that was more than enough. The other two pools were wonderful. We managed a soak before dinner and one before bed — now that’s the life.
Zaph and a friend

Ernie and Wendy, Marg and Colin, Zaph and Splash

The BC ferry near Needles

Log booms near the ferry crossing

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