Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ripple Rock Explosion

I wanted to go to the Campbell River Museum today. They have a film on the Ripple Rock Explosion and I really wanted to see it. Ripple Rock is (was) a mountain with 2 peaks that was submerged splitting the main channel in half and had resisted attempts to be removed by normal means. In 1955 they decided to try to remove the peaks again and were determined to succeed. It took close to 3 years to tunnel under the channel and up into the mountain. More than 1,375 tons of high powered explosives were set. And on April 5th 1958, boy did it work. The explosion was the most powerful non-nuclear in history and resulted in a depth of approximately 40 feet where one peak was and approximately 75 feet where the 2nd peak was. If you want to know more about ripple rock you can go to

The museum also had several other good exhibits. There was one regarding native masks. When you walked into the room a recorded message would begin and lights would shine on the appropriate mask.

Campbell River has a very nice down town / harbor area that we walked around.

Back to the campground and a hot tub before dinner. Now there was one problem with the campground and that was the number of rules. Ed and I would have liked to have had a complete list of rules so that we could check off all the ones we broke (most of them before we knew the rule existed). Dogs were not allowed on the nice grass area between the trailers and the water, only 4 people in the hot tub at a time (didn’t break that one!), no beverages at the hot tub and many, many more!

Carved Sea Monster at the Brown's Bay Marina.

They have "tame deer" at Brown's Bay. These guys enjoy munching on the flower bushes.

Which one is the real dog?

A view in Campbell River.

A memorial from the Dutch people to Canada commenorating the 60th anniversary of libertation.

So our totem pole isn't as big as the other ones.... but the bottom part is really cute.

Norske Canada's Elk Falls Mill outside of Campbell River.

Seymour Narrows, the location of the Ripple Rock Explosion.

You have a slight error in the amount of explosives used sort of like 36 mile deep glaciers. They used 1% of the amount you show or 2.8 million pounds
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