Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sunny Day....

We woke up to the sun shining .... not a cloud in the sky. We’ve been having better weather than we expected on Vancouver Island. What to do on a sunny clear day? I know lets drive to Mt. Washington. It took us about an hour to drive up the island to Mt. Washington, Vancouver Island’s only alpine ski resort. The mountain is used by mountain bikers and tourists wanting scenic views in the summer. A chairlift takes you to the top. There are three ways down: on the chair lift, hiking one of three trails, or mountain biking one of many trails. We opted to hike down and met a couple picking blueberries. They live in Victoria and own a chalet at Mt. Washington. It seems that they spend every other week in the chalet. Now that sounds like a pretty good life to me. I decided to conquer my fear of riding down on the chair lift so we decided to go up one more time but stay on the chair and continue down (our ticket was good for as many rides as we wanted on the chair lift). I don’t know what I was afraid of .... it wasn’t really that bad — I didn’t leave any finger nail marks on Ed’s leg.

Next stop was Comox. After a pleasant drive through the country we arrived back at the coast in Comox. We walked around the down town area and the dock. It didn’t have the same homey feel that Parksville and Qualicum Beach have.

Arriving back at the campsite I found a note on the trailer. That wonderful Margaret Werner invited us for a spaghetti dinner .... mmmmm good. Finishing dinner we hopped into the trucks and headed for mini golf and bumper boats. We played eighteen holes of golf and somehow Colin won. Four holes in one — do you believe it. I think the rest of us only had 1 hole in one each. Now bumper boats — that was another story. These bumper boats had water guns on them and boy did we laugh (I think the girl running it thought that “these old people are weird”). My water gun set at the right height and I was able to shoot people in the forehead — Colin was very wet when I got through with him. Luckily his water gun aimed high or I might have been drowned!

Zaph did manage to convince his dad to take him for a river swim.

A view from the chairlif at Mt. Washington.

Another view at Mt. Washington.

Mountain bikers enjoying the ride.

The harbour in Comox.

Who are these crazy people? There was a photo machine at the mini golf / bumper boat place.

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