Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Swimming, swimming and more swimming

Another beautiful sunny day. We decided to take it easy today and enjoy the great outdoors. We asked Zaph what he wanted to do and his immediate reply was “woof woof woof” (translation: go to the beach). So, off to the beach we went. Luckily the tide was heading out this time so we the beach got larger giving him more room to run around. We spent over an hour at the beach throwing Zaph’s toy and splashing in the water — I was surprised that the water wasn’t really cold (I wouldn’t call it warm unless it was 85F). We tried to shower Zaph off in one of the beach showers but he thought it was like a bath and wanted away from it.

After lunch and a walk around the beach park we decided to go for a drive. Jack and Lori had told us about a town called Lantzville just outside of Nanaimo. It is little town more like a large subdivision. It does have a Home Hardware, a couple of restaurants and few other stores — I didn’t see a grocery store though. At first I didn’t think it had a beach but where each road dead ended at the water there appeared to be a beach access. One section of the water front was large limestone type rocks with neat wear patterns, another section was beach. One the drive back from Lantzville we decided to have a look at Nanoose Bay (Lantzville is only about 15 km from Parksville and Nanoose Bay is on a peninsula in between.) Now Nanoose Bay is subdivision central. When you enter the area there is a plaza that has a grocery store and a few other stores. As you head out onto the peninsula there is a web of roads that are lined with houses. At the point of the peninsula is a golf course and a marina. Lantzville is nice but I think I still like Parksville and Qualicum Beach the most.

Arriving back at the campsite, Zaph reminded Ed that he needed a river swim to wash off the salt water. After about 45 minutes of swimming a waterlogged Zaph returned to the campsite. Boy did he sleep like a log in the evening.

The boys having a good time on the beach.

Hey, that's my toy!

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