Saturday, February 04, 2006

Where’s the Wind When You Want It?

February 3 to February 4

Friday was a very quiet day, I cleaned and did laundry while Ed hung around the trailer waiting for the UPS truck to show up with a package. Our inverter/battery charger (has something to do with electricity) had been acting up for awhile and the company we purchased it from finally decided the only solution was sending us a new one. It finally arrived around 7pm.

A kite festival was being held on South Padre Island this weekend and we decided that we would go on the Saturday. It’s about a 1 hours drive to South Padre Island but it took us longer as we were held up by a parade — somehow I always manage to find parades to follow. This parade was for a county fair and rodeo. I was surprised that there were no kites in the air when we arrived at the beach where the kite festival was being held. Turns out you can’t fly a kite if there is no wind (according to some law of physics)— the festival was experiencing a “no wind delay”. Luckily the wind picked up after a half hour and the kites were in the air again. It’s amazing what the “pros” could make the kites do — one fellow could make his kite dance, another couple did their rendition of the Phantom of the Opera using kites, someone else flew 16 stacked kites, another fellow flew 2 kites at once. It was a lot of fun — Zaph enjoyed it as well as he managed to get everyone around us to pet him.

Lots of people were at the beach for the kite festival

Kites waiting to be flown

One man two kites

A team of 3 flyer their kites together.

This kite is trying to fly to the moon!

There were kites of all descriptions --- including octopusses, cats, lizards

I wonder what he's flying

Oh, he's flying 16 stacked kites --- good thing it isn't too windy

This kite has a 200 foot tail

The world's biggest spinner.

Zaph and Frances checking out the beach.

Ed and Zaph watching the kites.

The lighthouse in Port Isabel

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