Monday, April 24, 2006

Magic Show

This morning we packed up the trailer and headed to Branson, Missouri where we were meeting our friends Bill and Sadie at an RV park. The Ozark mountain scenery was beautiful on the drive through Arkansas into Missouri, lots of hills and cattle grazing. After we settled in, Bill gave us a driving tour of Branson and we were surprised at the size of the town considering the population is just under 6,000 — must be all the hotels, restaurants, shows, etc. for the tourists. There was a deal on tickets for “Kirby”, a magician that we decided we couldn’t pass up. The show was good, especially the 6 year old assistant from the audience who got everyone laughing.

Why did the Titanic cross the road? ..... It wanted to make a Titanic size traffic jam. The Titanic Museum is a new exhibit in town.

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