Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tractor Pull

Ed and Darryl found an ad for a Antique Tractor Show in a near by town, so off we went. There was, as expected a lot of old tractors which of course thrilled the two guys. The first event we watched was the Antique Tractor Parade — only one tractor stalled and had to be towed out of the arena. The second event we watched was the Tractor Pull. Tractors are hooked up to a sled that has a sliding weight on it, such that the more forward the weight, the greater the drag the sled creates. The weight moves forward at different rates depending on the weight class of the tractor. The object is to pull the sled as far as possible on a sand surface. It sounds kinda of weird but it was fun to watch for the first hour! The Antique Tractor Show is a real family event as there were grandparents, children and grandchildren from the same family competing and being cheer on by other relatives.

There were a lot of tractors at the Antique Tractor Show.

The big event is the tractor pull. The tractor is attached to a sled that has a weight that moves forward creating more resistance. The one who can pull it the farthest wins.

The "mini-tractor pull" for kids --- It was hard work.

This reminds me of the cartoons where the characters legs get stretched. Or perhaps the wide track gives better high speed handling... at least that what the car ads indicate.

The Antique Tractor Show was held beside the community airport where this trainer jet was displayed.

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