The Dining Room / Office is done

Well, it's almost done. A couple of walls need something on them but it may involve Ed making frames so it could take awhile.

Standing in the front hall looking towards "the office".

Would you believe that I made the valance curtains all by myself ..... I'm pretty impressed that I did. Option one was to buy new valance curtains, which I did, but they were shears and didn't hide the bar holding the vertical blinds up. So it was on to option two, make the valance curtains. This small town impressed me again. When I was at the local fabric store debating on which material to choose the woman helping me said "take the bolts home so you can see which one is works better". I'm really glad that was on option because the one I would have chosen in the store was not the one that looked right when it was in the house.

A view from another angle.

Ed and I have continued to work on our "to do" list .... nine of the eleven items on the list have been completed along with at least another 10 that weren't on the list. Zaph has also managed to tick off most the items on his "where to swim list". Unfortunately, I have already started next years "to do" list.

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