My mom and brother drove up for the day. Zaph thought this was great .... lots of extra pets to go around plus my brother took him for a swim in the river. David came back to the house with a very exhausted puppy. Just outside of town is a garden center / private botanical garden that I had been wanting to go to so mom and I headed over there. For $3 you could wander around the gardens and I think it was worth it. We saw a lot of the standard flowers and trees one would expect but we also saw a lot of flowers and trees that I didn't recognize. Maybe next year I find out when the guided tour is and go then.

A pond at the gardens.

An interesting flower.

There were several evergreen trees that caught my eye. The tree wasn't very big but it had lots of pine cones.

There isn't a lot of shade in our courtyard around noon .... but a resourceful puppy can always find some.

I'm soooooo...oooooo tired.

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