Wiring the Trailer

Most people would think a trailer comes fully wired and it's ready to go when you pick it up from the RV dealer ---- not Ed. If you know Ed you're not surprised. He has spent at least a week in the trailer doing what I call "fiddling". This trailer came with a "media box" that allows you to switch between the TV between cable, air, satellite and dvd player, it also controls which TV sees what. After spending some time playing with this box Ed has it working the way he wants it to. He also spent some time determining the items on each of the electrical circuits and he figuring out where some the mystery wires goes --- apparently our trailer is wired to take an electric fireplace and a 2nd air conditioner in the bedroom. He also switched the single battery that comes with the trailer to a pair of batteries --- more power for those nights at "Wal-mart parks", installed our large inverter that will work with a generator, pulled wires for the "rear view" camera and installed a 12 volt connection in the bathroom (there's one in the bedroom but it's behind the TV so not convenient to use). Maybe he'll get to my wish list of changes to the trailer soon.

Colin was wondering.....does Ed need any more wire, as we are heading up on the week-end.....he could bring a roll or two! It scares me how alike they are.....I too have a wish list for my trailer that has not been touched.
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