You Can Almost See it Grow

The grass has started to grow .... in fact you can almost see it grow it's growing so fast. It's nice to look out the window and see a green fuzz where there had been dirt. There are a couple of gardens that mostly had ground cover in them .... in fact one of the gardens had 4 types of ground cover and they were just about growing over each other. As these gardens are on the far side of the house (i.e. the only time you see them is if your working one of the gardens or mowing the lawn) and didn't have much worth saving I decided to shrink them and start organizing them. One of the jobs was to dig in some large edging stones that had become surplus when we expanded the workshop. Now I understand the amount of hard labour that goes into laying stone.

Ed has been having some fun this week. He bought a picnic table frame and built a picnic table, bought an outdoor umbrella and built a base. It's funny how he's finding lots of little jobs that let him use the workshop. Guess that's actually a good thing.

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