Sew Much

This is the big weekend .... our friends Colin and Margaret are stopping on their way north and Margaret is going to sew the "theatre room" curtains. Margaret loves to sew so it is a win win situation for both of us, she gets to do something she really enjoys and I get my curtains. When the material was purchased I bought one yard off a second bolt of the fabric, this was OK as it was enough for the small basement window. Margaret decided that this was the curtain to start with. When the material was being cut Margaret realized that sewing the curtains may be a little trickier than she thought --- the material is stretchy and a little slippery and not at all co-operative. After a bit of cursing the curtain was completed and I think it looks beautiful.

Margaret and the curtain.

Colin and Margaret have two little dogs, Splash and Mexi. On the last visit Mexi was not impressed with Zaph and screamed at him and wouldn't let Zaph get near Margaret. This visit was a different story. At first Mexi was a little nervous but she didn't scream --- our ears were very happy about that, and after a while her and Zaph even played with each other. Mexi wasn't as nice to my hardwood floor. Margaret, the dogs and I had gone into the house when Colin called Margaret and asked her to go outside. A few minutes later I went outside as well leaving the three dogs alone. When Margaret and I went back inside we found a little present showing us what Mexi's thought of being left alone. Luckily hardwood cleans easily and Mexi is very cute.

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