Steam Show

One of the many events going on this weekend is the Paisley Steam Show and as Paisley is only 15 minutes north of us we decided to check it out. This is definitely one of those events where big boys go to play and show off their big toys. The show consists of steam demonstrations, tractor pulls, antique tractors, cars and trucks, a parade and the other usual fare that gets attached to any show.

One of my favourites was the old steam shovel.

Ed quite liked the old Porche tractor ..... didn't know Porche had ever made tractors.

"The Gold Demonstrator", an 1959 Ford 881 was another of his favourites

The parade included horse drawn, steam powered, diesel and gas powered equipment. The announcer told you a bit about each vehicle before it proceeded down the parade route.

One of the steam tractors .... look it's passing a John Deere tractor.

nothing runs like a Deere...........

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