One Wedding and Four Hula Dancers

A woman knocked on our door in the early afternoon to ask if Ed would come down to the rec hall and take a few photos at the first wedding to be preformed in the 30 year history of the park. A fellow who had stayed in the park earlier in the season phoned and asked if there were any retired ministers in the park who would preform a marriage ceremony. As there was, the couple drove over.

Luckily there was a woman in the park who spoke English and Spanish. She translated as the bride only spoke Spanish.

Tonight was the Luau and Betty (the entertainment director) had managed to find some Hula dancers. The four dancers danced a number of different traditional Polynesian dances and gave us a brief history of each dance.

Some of the park women tried to get in on the act .....

and not to be out done a few of men showed what they could do.

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