Now That's a Burger

After bridge I was talking to some of my fellow bridge players and they told me they were going to "Granny's" for supper and did Ed and I want to come. When I said that Ed and I had never been to Granny's they insisted, so we went with them and a number of other people. Apparently the more the merrier at Granny's. It was suggested that we try the "Burger" but we would need to share it with a couple of people. Dick and Sandy were sitting across the table from us and they agreed to share.

The burger is served on a cookie sheet along with a machete .... you needed a "big" knife to cut it. The bun is a homemade loaf of bread and the burger is served with all the toppings .... yum.

Judy and John had a couple of daughters and several grandchildren visiting so they decided to get the double burger. It fed eight with a piece left over.

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