Quietest Birthday I Remember

Yup, today was my birthday and yup I had laryngitis. I didn't feel too bad but could barely squeak out a word. In fact when I answered the phone call from my mom she couldn't figure out who was on the other end of the phone --- I quickly handed the phone to Ed so he could explain. When Ed handed the phone back to me, mom did a quick monologue wishing my a happy birthday then hung up. Strangest birthday call ever. Later in the evening, Ed's sister phoned and she laughed at me --- guess I did sound pretty funny. I spent the day lazing around but did manage to go out with our group of friends for dinner. Oh, did I mention that I got the cold from Ed ---- some birthday present (actually I already had the cold but woke up to laryngitis this morning).

As I didn't feel like doing a whole lot I suggested that Ed and Zaph take the camera and photograph some of the flowers in the park.

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