Still Quiet in Our Trailer

It's still pretty quiet in our trailer, well except for the coughing. Been mostly hanging around the park trying to get better.

Our friends Ken and Carol were leaving so we wandered down and I managed to croak out a good-bye. They are included in the Zaph's favourite people group so he got into the photo.

These buds on the cactus turn into

this flower. Unfortunately, the flower only lasts a couple of days.

The cactus on the right is very interesting .... it's a tall straight normal looking cactus but it has leaf like things growing out of the top of it.

Flowers on another cactus.

Not sure what this tree is but it has very pretty flowers.

Sassy, her and Zaph are buds.

Zaph was watching the game of washer toss. Occasionally, he would try to grab the washer.

Herb has great form.

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