Visiting Bob and Jean

Surprisingly we were up and on the road by 7:45 am .... yes Ed got up willingly. It helped that we stayed in a parking lot .... nothing to unhook or put away, just get in the truck and drive. We arrived in Bella Vista around 11:30 and our friends met us at the local RV park --- only members or friends of members Property Owners Association can stay at the park. Zaph was really happy to see Bob and Jean --- after all it had been weeks since he had seen them at Oleander Acres. In the afternoon Jean took us to one of her favourite trails and after seeing it we understand why. Jean also cooked us a wonderful dinner.

The trail takes you to a small waterfalls.

Zaph and I had a lot of quality time together as Jean and Ed took lots and lots of photos.

He just had to get drink --- not sure why he's has to go in that deep for a drink, maybe the water tastes better when his belly is wet.

Rapids in the creek.

Another area has rock overhangs, as it was wet there was a fair bit of water weeping through the rocks.

Hey, I could be down there playing in the water.

The swinging bridge was fine until Ed started to jump on it.

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