Decorated for Christmas

The club put on a "sloppy joe" dinner tonight that was very good .... especially since I didn't have to think about dinner or cook it. After dinner I played euchre .... haven't played since we left the park in the spring. While you are playing euchre are you suppose laugh so hard that your cheeks hurt? Obvious I had a lot of fun and no one has told me to not to come so it must be OK.

It's not fancy but we did get some lights up for Christmas. The RV park looks very cheery with all the Christmas lights.

.... bored.......... The weather hasn't been very good ---- chilly, cloudy, drizzly ---- so we've spent a fair bit of time in the trailer. But ..................

it's been a lot better than it is at home. Rob & Ellen, thanks for the photo of our house. Not missing the snow at all.

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