More Zaph at the Beach

Happy 23rd Anniversary to me and Ed .... 29 (if you count co-habitation). Seems like a lot to me till I think of the people I know that have been married for 60 years. For each of those 23 years Ed and I have spent the day together, sometimes doing fun things and sometime not. The things we've done include Christmas Shopping, sitting beside each other on a plane going on vacation, waiting in line at the passport office, going to an afternoon matinée and now walking on a beach watching Zaph have a roaring good time. Oh, we also went out for a very nice Greek dinner at a Steak and Seafood restaurant (the chef is Greek and does a Greek dinner on weekends).

All body parts need to enjoy the beach equally.

Nothing beats a good stick, sand and water.

perfect posture.........

Walking on air ......

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