Happy Birthday Rosetta & Ed .... 1 and 3 days early

One of our friends (Rosetta) celebrates her 70th birthday on January 12th and Ed, of course, celebrates his 60th birthday on January 14th. As they are "0" birthdays we decided to celebrate them in style. (Rosetta is playing the piano for the Men's Chorus on the 12th so we did it a day early). Ed's actually birthday won't be forgotten .... we're going out for a steak dinner.

We gathered a group of people, party favours and a cake and drove to Ponchos ---- a Mexican restaurant that's not too far away.

Ed & Rosetta.

The Mariachi Band came and played a couple of songs for us.

Lots of delicious food.

and of course cake. The cake said Happy Birthday Rosetta and Ed ..... 130 years of knowledge

I'm ready..... let's party.

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