Texas Citrus Festival Parade

The Texas Citrus Festival Parade is today and as always Oleander Acres is entering a float. The theme this year is Traveling Texas.

Oleander Acre's float.

The King and Queen of Oleander Acres --- Doc and Betty.

One of the floats --- I think it's the King and Queen of the Festival along with her attendants.

This float was decorated with sliced fruit.

There were horses pulling a carriage .......

and this horse pulling a cart

Doc was showing us a single finger and the trophy ..... Oleander's entry had won first place in it's class.

This parade was a little different as there were military vehicles, zero radius lawn mowers, trucks, etc. driving in the parade.

Not quite sure who these guys were but they were very colourful.

I just loved how the mane was weaved on the white horse.

These horses could almost dance.

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